Three BIG Things that COVID 19 Changed

We all woke up one day in March and realized that the world had changed. We have to accept that there is a deadly contagious virus around and that we are the carriers of it. It has changed the way that we all look at the world and most importantly for the small business owner, how we do business. Here are three big things that are different.

Number One: Face to Face Business has changed

1. We no longer can jump in our car to head to meetings or conferences, or even walk down the hall to speak with a coworker. Even the word coworker has changed since some of us lovingly refer to our pets (and sometimes kids) as our new coworkers. We have had to adjust to a new way of getting to collaborate within our business. You have to be creative in how you meet with coworkers, clients and customers.

Number Two: Technology is now in the Limelight

2. If technology was not your strong suit this is a learn or sink environment. One of the easiest ways to stay connected is to be leverage technology. We are all using virtual meetings, emails, texts and any other way possible to stay in touch. Did you know that there is a lot of information that is transmitted non-verbally? It is probably a good thing for your business if you have found a way to reach out to your customers and "see" them. It only takes a minute to have video call but it re-establishes that connection that you have with your clients.

Number Three: Digital Marketing has Arrived

3. If you never had time to participate in digital marketing, you might want to start now. It is the best way to reach people now. We are all online for hours on end during the day and the use of digital marketing may help you to reach new clients.

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