Making the digital what? Where are my clients?

One of the hardest things that small business owners have had to overcome in the pandemic is finding new ways to operate safely and to promote digital platforms to support their products or services. But now what? What if you have made all of those adjustments and you are still having a hard time getting the customers to come through your doors or buy online. What are some good next steps?

First, make sure that anyone who is actively affiliated with your business knows what you have done to operate safely. Let you bank know and ask them if they have ways to highlight your business and to share that you are safely in business. Use all of the digital platforms that you are using to make sure that they have you marked as open. Talk to your customer base and send them emails or texts to let them know that you are still open for business and that you have done everything to operate safely. All of this can help you to try to reach out and get your customers back through the door.

Second, start a special. Right now everyone is looking for deals so offer a deal that has the prospective client register with an email or phone number. You can add them to the list of people that you are sending out your information to. Make sure to include ways that they can purchase online or through apps so that they become a new customer for you.

Carolyn Dragseth is an attorney with over 25 years of experience in contracts, business and IP law. She currently resides in Louisiana and is an active member of the Entreprenurial community. She enjoys writing, horseback riding and hiking. She can be reached at

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