Headed back to the office? Here are some practical tips.

With the new vaccine rollout many of us will be headed back in to the office, even if it is on a rotational basis. The change of daily routines was strange at first but many of us have become accustomed to our new five minute commute from our bedroom to our home office. Making the switch and returning to the office will require some adjustment. Here are some practical tips.

First, reset your wake up routine to match your office days. For example, if you head to the office for an 8:00 a.m. start and you need an hour to get dressed have a twenty minute commute, start with a wake up time that allows for that everyday. The first week back to the office is going to be hard on your circadian rhythm especially since most of us have adjusted to our shortened commute time. A good practice is going to be starting your new wake up time about a week before you head into the office, in order to make sure that your body is accustomed to the new routine.

Second, even if you are vaccinated, there still may be mitigation standards that are recommended by your state, your employer, or both. Be ready for temperature checks, masking requirements and other such mitigation measures. Your employer may have reduced staffing or adjustments to in person meetings, so even if you are in the office you may still be using technology to meet with your peers. Be prepared for the "new normal" and how your employer is operating at this time.

Finally, you may want to adjust your in office routine. Many of us are accustomed to coffee clubs, large luncheon gatherings and office special events. Be prepared to find limited supplies so you may want to bring in your own coffee, lunch, etc. until you determine what the operating patterns are at your workplace. Don't be surprised to see reduced staff in the office and some of the larger dining areas modified. It is a little different but overall it is still the same workplace.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Carolyn Dragseth is an attorney with over 25 years of experience in Contracts, Business, and IP law. She is a member of the National Business Association Leadership Council. She currently resides in Louisiana where she works for the State and is a small business owner as well. She enjoys writing, horseback riding, and hiking. She can be reached at carolyn@dragsethlaw.com or 225-888-0015.

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