E-commerce and three learning points

For many business owners, e-commerce is a new thing. Some of the larger commercial companies have been in e-commerce for some time. But what if you are a small business owner and there is a need to suddenly find a way to be successful in this modality. What are some the things that small business owners can do to expand their reach in this new market.

First, take a few minutes to update your digital presence. People are searching online for solutions so make sure that you are able to compete. If your website looks like it was build in 1980 it may be time for an upgrade. Include all of your lines of service or products so that when you are found, the client will know and understand all of the benefits to doing business with you.

Second, consider selling your products on a third party platform as well. You may have to sacrifice some of your profit margin but it will expand your online reach. Sometimes clients are tech saavy and after the first purchase through a platform they may come to your website directly to look for an item.

Third, consider using an online payment option. Most of the payment processors will allow you imbed a link. Nothing is more aggravating than wanting a product and not being able to purchase it directly online. Most customers want to be able to shop, pay and have it shipped.

This world of e-commerce is constantly evolving. People are getting better and better at it. Don't get left behind.

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