Contracts in the Digital Age- 3 Simple Tips

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

Have you noticed that as we migrate to digital sales, there is a need to revise some of your business contracts? First, there has been a simple increase in mobile and digital sales. If your original purchase in a platform was to dabble in mobile or mail order sales, you should take a few minutes to review your contract. Has the overall volume shifted? Can you take advantage of increased volume to negotiate a better price? Are there comparable platforms that you can use that would perhaps allow you to keep a little more of your profit margin? You should take a few minutes to review these contracts and see if there are an advantages for your and your business.

Second, do you need to change from wet/original signatures to digital signatures? Has your business model changed? Do you now need to be able to reach clients digitally and have them sign documents? Your company may have purchased a short term solution that really should be reevaluated. As a business owner you may want to have a digital signature solution that can interface with your banking, business processes and invoicing. Platforms that are easy to integrate into your current digital platforms may not be cost effective, so take the time to be able to verify what is the best platform that works for all aspects of business. You may also want to review your digital signatures contract to see if any of these things are add ons to your current solution.

Finally, don't forget that as with any change in business, process management is important. Make sure that everyone who needs to actively utilize the platforms not only understands what they are but how they use them. There is nothing more disappointing as a business owner than to spend money on a platform only to find that your staff are not utilizing it or even under utilizing it. Sometimes the best solution for your business may not be the most expensive one but rather the one that best meets your business requirements.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Carolyn Dragseth is an attorney with over 25 years of experience in Contracts, Business and IP law. She is a member of the National Business Association Leadership Council. She currently resides in Louisiana and is an active member of the Entreprenurial community. She enjoys writing, horseback riding and hiking. She can be reached at or at 225-888-0015.

This is not intended to be legal advice, please contact an attorney if you are in need of legal assistance.

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