A New Way to do Business- Digital Style

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

Many business owners are faced with challenges since they are searching for a new way to connect with their customers. How do you find new customers when they are at home, ordering online or searching for businesses without coming to brick and mortar facilities? How do you modify your business plan to meet the demand that is now being fulfilled in a new way? Here are three basic tips.

First, make sure that your website is user friendly. Nothing makes a customer more frustrated than finally finding a business that provides the business or product that they like and then they can't order it or book a session. Now is a good time to leverage your at home time with family by using them as testers. Have them navigate the site, ask them where they think that it can be improved. You may be surprised by some of the simple insights that they can give you to make it better.

Second, think about other platforms. It may be time to spend a little time working on your business Facebook page, SEO listings and digital advertising. It helps to create a uniform presence so that your clients can reach you.

Third, connect with your attorney or in house counsel on ways to take advantage of business opportunities and federal funding. A good firm has delved into the COVID funding available, how to use it and what needs to be done to take advantage of the opportunities presented. Your lawyer may be your lifeline to surviving and creating a business that will thrive in your "new business normal."

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