We provide specialized legal assistance to our clients. One of the main areas that we support are all legal questions that may come up as you set up your business or negotiate your contracts.  

Carolyn Dragseth Attorney at Law Baton Rouge LA

Carolyn Dragseth

Our founder and CEO, Carolyn Dragseth is an award-winning lawyer, active volunteer in the entrepreneur and business eco-system, and expert business advisor and consultant. We also have a DC office just steps from the White House on K Street, making our legal representation before the US Patent and Trademark  Office and legal services most efficient. Donating countless hours to local community groups, Carolyn volunteers in a variety of social services and business-related activities.

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Academic Volunteer

Carolyn is devoted to her children, citing them as the reason she works so hard building her company and serving others. She is happy to help teachers in the classroom.

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Veteran Assistance

Carolyn is committed to assisting Vetrepreneurs as they open their businesses. She has worked with various veteran associations to provide support and assistance to these endeavors.  

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Compliance Assistance

We are committed to working with you in regards to the regulations that impact your business.  We reach out to various federal agencies and people necessary to get all of the information that you need.  

Carolyn Dragseth
Carolyn Dragseth
Carolyn Dragseth